Welcome to DR Chess!

Hello!  and welcome to my site.

We all have a gift, and mine is helping children and adults play stronger chess!

A student hard at work
A student hard at work

I’ve been an International Master since 1998 and a professional chess coach for over 30 years.

My students have competed at the World Youth Championships numerous times.

I’ve coached many national, state and provincial champions.

To arrange chess lessons or chess coaching, contact
Dave at 601-862-3660, or by email: dave (at) drchess (dot) net

Thanks for stopping by!

Dave Ross

3 thoughts on “Welcome to DR Chess!”

  1. I’m 40. My best rating was 2008 CFC. I don’t think I worth it. I didn’t played in tournament for 10 years. I’m willing to learn and start again. Where do you think you can get me to?

    1. Hi Daniel, It probably depends how much time you are willing to invest on working on whatever it is you do worst.One thing is for sure , you wont be worse than 2000! I would have to do a session or two before I would be prepared to guess how good you could be. Thanks for stopping by, Dave

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