What I do and how much it costs!!

Here is a brief list of services I currently provide. All prices per hour unless otherwise stated.

Group Lessons [Schools, church groups, seniors, etc.]:$60

Private lessons typically over the internet [Skype or phone + Internet chess club] in real time. We are able to move each other’s pieces and chat live! $30, and the rate drops if purchased in bulk [minimum 20 lessons]. Private lessons in person: $50, $45 if given at my house or corner coffee [chess cafe] house . I currently live in Jackson, Mississippi.

Chess camps: $250  a day plus travel expenses. I am generally willing to drive if possible and am willing to stay at organizers’ houses or minimum two star hotels. I can provide letters of recommendation from countless organizers who run camps where I am currently the principal instructor. Chess camps are a great way to spend a week and can often make money for organizers.

Simultaneous Exhibitions or Clock Simul: $50 [minimum 3 hours]. The clock exhibition is an excellent Soviet training method where each player gets 45 minutes [this part is flexible] and the master receives the same. This will only work with a maximum of 6 people. The games are then analysed on a demonstration board with discussion of key positions and ideas. It is a great learning and training experience.  Each player puts in $25 and you get to play an I.M. and have training for 3 hours for $25 and gas money! Doubtful you could get better value for high level training!!

Teaching teachers: I have run many seminars on helping teachers who want to form a chess club how to teach their students chess effectively. Lately, I have been working with the Vicksburg Warren School board gifted education teachers and they are running the first ever Warren county Scholastic championship and are expecting over 150 kids. This is an awesome achievement!!

Contact Dave Ross at 601 862-3660 or email dross58980@aol.com for more information and to check availability.

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