Coaching History and Record

I started coaching when I was 17. At that time I was almost master strength and a parent asked me if I was willing to coach their 10 year old who had fallen deeply in love with the game. This boy went on to be a strong master and even beat me in the Canadian open many years later!

Looking back now 45 years later it is clear my education [psychology degree] and family back round [many child care workers in one form or another] have given me the perfect combination of skills to be an effective chess coach. I am 53 now and my passion for the game burns as bright today as when I was playing 3 tournaments a month in my youth.

In Sept. 1986 I moved from Vancouver to Montreal to work helping GM K.Spraggett prepare for a match in the world championship cycle. I completely loved living in Vancouver and thought I would be gone a year at most. While in Montreal I was approached by Chess and Math [Canada’s national scholastic chess Association] and asked if I was interested in teaching chess in Elementery schools at lunch time and after school. I loved doing this work so much I would spend the next 20 years of my life doing this. I am still working hard to get back to Vancouver !!

During this Time I coached Numerous National and provincial champions and was twice coach of the Canadian delegation to the world youth championships.I have worked with kids who are now I.M. and I have worked with two who are G.M. on opening prep. where I am an expert.

From 1987-present I have Directed over 50 week long chess camps and am currently giving internet lessons over I.C.C. I estimate I have over 10,000 hours of in class teaching experience.I firmly believe teaching chess is what I do best !!

In 2004 I won an award from Chess n Math that I am very proud of. It was a beautiful plaque that was an Outstanding Contribution Award that read “The Chess N Math ¬†Association is proud to present this award to Dave Ross for his outstanding contribution towards the development of young minds,through the teaching of chess for more than a decade,in the greater Montreal area.Our children are our future and you have made a difference.

It may be shameless self promotion but I am a great coach and you should seriously consider me if you are in the market for a coach.There are many far stronger players than me but very few better coaches !!

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